Shabby Chic – Vintage Decor on a Budget

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Shabby chic decor allows you to surround yourself with things that help you feel connected to the past.  This article provides retro home decorating tips that will bring vintage back to life at home without a high dollar price tag.

Raid the Attic

You don’t need to shop at high priced antique stores to find vintage items.  You may find everything you need in  your grandparents’ or parents’ attic. Most older relatives have attics full of furniture, clothes and even jewelry. So ask your grandmother or grandfather if you can go hunting in their attic.  They will probably be thrilled that you are interested in their things!

Repurpose Fabrics

Did you find an awesome dress when digging through the boxes in the attic? The fabric can be used to create valances, furniture cushions, and pillow covers. Scraps can be used to create quilts or table runners.  This can add a lovely splash of originality to your décor, allowing you to use aged fabrics without paying exorbitant prices for them.

Frame It

Not only old photos, but maps, postcards, menus, and the like can be framed and arranged to give a room a sense of the a bygone era.    If you don’t find any you like while digging through the attic, you can easily find some great old time images online that you can print and mount on your walls.

Thrift Stores Have Treasures

If you’ve exhausted the attic, check out thrift or consignment shops.  These are filled with items from other peoples’ attics.  You may be able to find a real steal for a truly unique furniture piece or accessory. From lamps to end tables to china cabinets, thrift stores may be harboring a fantastic accessory or two that would go perfectly with your new motif.

These are just a few ideas on how to bring the best of the past and the present together to enhance your home décor. Take it from there!

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