Cooking Hacks

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We’ve found some ingenious hacks to streamline your everyday kitchen tasks:

1. Use Little Minutes to Keep the Refrigerator Under Control
If you have to hunt through clutter in the refrigerator, you’ll wind up having food spoil before it’s used, and you’ll waste money repeatedly bottles of ketchup and mustard that you already have.  Keep things under control by using the few minutes while waiting for water to boil, food to heat in the microwave, etc, by quickly scanning the shelves and throwing out or consolidating items in the refrigerator.

2. Garlic Quick Peel
Garlic is always a favorite seasoning. And here’s how to peel it fast. Just give it a quick 20-second microwave blast, then peel with your hands. The cloves should slide right out of their casings. If you don’t want to get the smell of garlic on your hands, however, you can invest in a garlic peeler, which makes the job simple, easy, and scent-free.

3. Use Your Slow Cooker for More Than Chili
Slow cookers can be used for more than soups and stews! Potatoes, casseroles, desserts can all be left to patiently cook to perfection. 

4. A Hot Idea
The problem with gravy? It never stays warm enough. In fact, by the time the food makes it to your plate, it’s often downright cold. Try keeping your gravy warm in a thermos or an insulated carafe until it’s time to eat.  

6. Quick Cleanup
Take a few minutes before sitting and put your pots and pans in the sink to soak. Let them soak while you’re eating – it will make it easier for either you or your dishwasher to get them sparkling clean.

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