Make an NCAA Tournament bracket with Chalkboard Labels

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Although the 2015 edition of the NCAA Tournament is coming to a close, you can still make a tournament bracket for next season and beyond by utilizing Cestari Kitchen Chalkboard Labels to make a creative and reusable bracket.
You’ll need 2 packages of the Assorted set of Cestari Kitchen labels and use a tournament bracket, from either online or print, to fulfill the necessary structure requirements. Courtesy of what is known as “Selection Sunday” when it comes to college basketball, the NCAA Tournament field is set a few days in advance of the start of the tournament. Having this knowledge will not only give you the ability to structure your Cestari labels in the proper bracket form, but enable you to fill out your bracket according to the initial tournament match-ups.

You will need a total of 50 labels to complete this project. In respect to specific details, 17 extra large labels, 20 large labels, 8 medium labels, and 5 small labels are required. You can fill out your bracket by using a chalk pen.  You can get the labels here  Make sure to follow the instructions to get a free chalk pen.
When it comes to presentation, be sure to utilize the various label sizes to unveil a quality look in respect to your bracket. Use the largest labels to denote the initial round games and gradually reduce the labels in size until you arrive at the regional championship games. At that time, you will once again use the same label size you assigned for the second round. Once the Final Four has been set, you will use the smallest label to identify each team before using the largest label to identify the teams in the championship game. To denote the champion, use the smallest label available.

The labels can be stuck permanently to a sheet of poster board – or- if you just want the bracket up for the season, set it up on your refrigerator.
As noted above, Cestari labels are reusable. Simply use a damp cloth to erase the text from the label(s) of your choosing. With the ability to erase text, Cestari labels, in respect to your tournament bracket project, can be used for several years. If you decide to make a predictions bracket, rather than documenting game-by-game action, the ability to erase will be important yet also quite humorous in certain circles. Failed predictions could give your damp cloth quite a workout. With the involvement of family and friends, creating a Cestari labels bracket could become a fun annual tradition.

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