Unplug and Enjoy Family Night

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Turn off your electronic devices and have fun

What happens when your family has free time? Are you all engaged with your own electronic devices and not even saying a word to each other? While it can be fun to stay up-to-date with friends on Facebook, or keep a check on the latest news and emails, it can be even more fun if you rediscover the people living in your own home.
If you’re suffering from too much time on computers, gaming consoles and other screens, it’s time to unplug a bit and schedule a real old-fashioned family night. We have some ideas to inspire family time.
Break out the board games
This is a fun way to get your family engaged and actually talking and laughing together. Pull out the tried and true favorites like Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble, Uno or Operation. Or ask for suggestions on a new game to purchase. One new game is called Thru Hike: The Appalachian Trail Board game. The game board is a folding trail map that highlights the entire 2,181-mile hike from Maine to Georgia. It teaches best practices for hiking and backpacking on the AT.
Embrace nature
Head outdoors with your family and enjoy the sights and sounds of Mother Nature’s handiwork. Take the kids to a park. Plan a hike to a waterfall. Get out the mountain bikes and hit the trail. Pack a picnic or spread out a blanket and gaze at the stars. It’s a great way to teach your kids about constellations and marveling at how the universe works.
Arts and crafts night
Pick a project and set a time weekly to complete it. There are myriad possibilities: Paint a room, buy a big canvas and let everyone contribute to a painting that you’ll hang in your family room. Or, learn some new skills: knitting, crocheting, paper mache, tie-dyed t-shirts, origami, crafting figures out of clay, making a bracelet or pair of earrings … and the list goes on.
Make vision boards
Help your kids visualize their goals by setting out poster boards and old magazines they can cut up. They can cut out pictures that inspire them, or words and phrases that have significant meaning to them as they set goals and work toward them.
You may find that you enjoy the unplugged nights the best as you take a break from technology and really engage with your family. Most of all, have fun and be fully present in the moment together.


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