Ten Ideas for a Date Night In

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Take these fun routes to a little romance


While many people enjoy going on a date to the theater or to a restaurant, this isn’t always possible. Remember, however, that just as much fun and romance can be found at home. Here are 10 ideas for a date night in with your significant other.
Switch on some calming music and give each other massages, creating an at-home spa.
Look through photo albums
Pull out those dusty photo albums and scrapbooks and flip through them, unearthing old memories that you both can either laugh or cry over.
Ice cream sundaes
Ice cream is one of the tastiest things in the world. Add some toppings such as chocolate syrup, sprinkles and whip cream, and enjoy together.
Rent every episode of your favorite television show and watch them all. Or, you could have a mini film festival and watch some romantic movies that you both love.
Have a poetry reading where you each take turns reading poems or lines from your favorite books or authors. You both may discover something new about each other.
Card games
Blackjack, and other two-player games, are great for a couple to play. You could make some fun cocktails to sip on as you are playing. Use small change to place bets, or bet on personal favors.
Putting together a puzzle is a quiet way to spend time working on a project. Doing it with a loved one makes it even more fun because you can work with each other to find pieces.
Cook a special meal
Cook a mouthwatering meal together and feast on it while listening to music that means something to you as a couple. From steak to veggies, there are a slew of great options. Don’t forget the dessert, with a cherry on top.
Make music
If you play an instrument or sing, perform a musical number for each other. Or you could do a duet: Guitar and vocals, vocals and piano, violin and saxophone, etc. If you can dance, put on a show for your partner.
Tell stories
Everyone has a ton of crazy or weird stories to tell, and telling them to each other can be a fun way to pass the time. Try to top each others’ stories. This is a great way to get to know secrets — or just tidbits — from your partner’s past.
While the glamor of a night on the town is appealing, staying home can be even more fun if you set it up correctly, as if your time together really matters. From a special meal to movies, spending time with your significant other is great, any way you choose to do it. Uncork a bottle of wine, put on your most attractive outfit, and have fun together.


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