Simplify keeping your refrigerator clean

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Refrigerator liners eliminate the mess left behind on your refrigerator drawers and shelves from leaking jars, cartons, fruits, vegetables and more.  They are simple to use – you just buy them, cut them to fit, and then line the shelves or drawers of your refrigerator to absorb excess moisture and keep areas clean.  Some even have special treatments to absorb odors.  Some are disposable, but most need to be removed periodically, cleaned, and replaced.  While the need to clean does take some time, it is easier than pulling out an entire heavy glass shelf or bulky drawer.

There’s an alternative that works just as well as purchased liners, is disposable (so you don’t need to clean  them) and will cost you absolutely nothing – sheets of newspaper. While not as aesthetically pleasing as purchased liners decorated with fruits, flowers, or trendy prints, it absorbs odors as well as leaks, and has the advantage of being free and easily available.

Fold sheets of newspaper in half, then in half again.  Trim to fit, and place on shelves and inside drawers.  Replace every two- three weeks, or when they are soiled- whichever comes first.


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