Best use for bubble wrap – ever!

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I did most of my Christmas shopping online, and have accumulated a large pile of shipping supplies, including LOTS of bubble wrap.  Because it takes up lots of space (due to those airpockets) I usually just let the kids jump around on it before tossing it.

This year, though, I’m going to use the bubble wrap to safe money!  It turns out that those very same airpockets that make such a delightful noise when popped can be used to help insulate your windows.  Here’s how to do it:

  • Cut out strips of bubble wrap to match the size of the window pane you want to insulate
  • Use a spray bottle to apply a light mist of water or diluted window cleaner to each window pane
  • Press the bubble wrap onto the pane.
  • The water should create a seals that effectively holds the bubble wrap against your window.

If it falls off, just give it another light spray and reapply.  Now, this trick doesn’t work as well as the expensive window insulation kits sold at hardware stores, and it also isn’t a great idea for windows you need to see out of 24/7.  However, it is an effective way to keep the warmth in – with the advantage of being able to be removed in an instant.  I have 4 or 5 basement windows that are going to be wearing bubble wrap by this evening!

Thanks to Drew Prindle from Digital Trends for this idea!


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